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During the application process, when an applicant is seeking to impress a university or the admissions board of a college, a Personal Statement is their one big opportunity to do so. All over the world, admissions boards have a lot of expectations for applicants during the application process so their best chance at showcasing their qualifications is a personal statement.

Personal statements are often confused with admission essays and entrance essays but in reality, the main focus of a statement is on personal career goals as compared to the other two. Personal statements are divided into two main types:

  • A general personal statement
  • A set of definitive questions set by admissions board

Personal Statement Writing Service
A personal statement should enable an educational institution to decide whether or not to accept an applicant or not. These statements should highlight the qualities of any student and make a strong case as to why the candidate should be selected. A perfect personal statement will highlight your commitment, determination and enthusiasm about your chosen course and hence depict you as a dedicated candidate.

The following aspects should comprise your personal statement:

  • Your personal interests related to your desired subject area
  • Why you chose the university/college in question over others
  • Personal experiences that will shed light on why you are the perfect candidate for that college/course
  • What captivated your interest to pursue the particular course of study?
  • Details of previous projects that are related to the desired field of study
  • Any kind of life experience that connect you to the course
  • Any kind of practical work you have done in the selected field
  • The type of degree you hope to achieve with the course of your choice

Moreover, personal statements should also contain details that help the reader to gain an understanding of your background and personality. Some of these details include:

  • What you do in your leisure time
  • Any kind of regular sports or hobbies that you participate in
  • Other than your chosen field of study, what else interests you?
  • Any kind of musical instrument that you play or have played before/ musical gift you possess
  • How many languages you speak
  • Any prizes/awards/memorable distinctions/achievements you have
  • Any leadership positions you may have held
  • Any charitable/volunteering activities you have engaged in

Most students are not aware of how a personal statement should be written therefore we at SmartWriters 247 enable them to excel at writing personal statements. Based in the USA, SmartWriters 247 provides a completely customized personal statement that is written by highly qualified and talented experts who ensure that personal statement is written for our clients.

Below are a number of reasons why you should choose SmartWriters 247 USA for all your personal statement writing needs:

  • Our customer support staff provides constant communication— they are connected to the writers 24/7, around the clock, thereby enabling seamless communication with our clients
  • We write 100% original, plagiarism-free statements
  • Our work is creative and unique
  • You, the client, comes first
  • We offer free revisions in the rare case that the work is not satisfactory

It is not a simple chore to create a personal statement and many clients are overwhelmed just with the idea of writing one. We at SmartWriters 247 are therefore very glad to provide a team of experienced Personal Statement Writers who we have personally trained to help you achieve the desired personal statement.Our company will help you write a winning personal statement that we guarantee will lead you to the door of the university you wish to join. With the growing modernization and ultra competitive admission processes, the importance of a Personal Statement has become widely known. Unlike GPA's and basic test scores, your perfectly written personal statement will help you stand out of the crowd of so many other applicants. Applicants are competing for the limited number of spots available and having an impressive personal statement will actually help one to get into the desired college/university.

At SmartWriters 247,our team of personal statement writers is highly qualified, containing experts who possess degrees from renowned universities. These people will be at your disposal 24/7 as our name suggests so that any kind of queries are directly handled and not lost in the loop.

Moreover, we also ensure that the personal statement provided by us at SmartWriters 247 has the following qualities:

  • A logical, clear and simple structure
  • A straightforward explanation as to why you want to study the course of your choice
  • A convincing depiction of your personal attributes, skills and achievements
  • Stylish and impressive language
  • No grammatical errors
  • Flawless formatting, spelling and punctuation
  • An adherence to the required word count
  • Plagiarism-free, original work

SmartWriters 247undoubtedly offers the best personal statement writing service in the USA that will help you stand out from the rest of the applicants. We also help you edit your existing personal statement aside from writing them from scratch. You, therefore, do not have to look very far for a professional to assist you and thoroughly review your statement. Since we have been in this business for a long time now, we can help you craft a perfectly written statement and your personal statement will never be too difficult for us to handle because our team of personal statement writers is well versed in the craft. Just choose our services and we guarantee you the best results.Thousands of clients in America have already succeeded from the fruits of our work and are a testament to the high-quality standards of our company.

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